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This means ruthless cutting down of activities and commitments that keep them away – apart from courses of instruction. Does he find the officer disinterested about those issues or does he find the officer helpless in the matter? It was a direct attempt to provoke. A Tribute to INAS 310 Cobra Squadron in the 1971 Eastern... .

These direct rect JCOs may be graded/ rated and after some yrs may be recommended to become offrs Lt onwards, thus ensuring motivation level and desire to perform, 5. Such occurrences were extremely rare earlier.Indian soldiers are reputed for their mental and physical robustness. The USI has ongoing bilateral dialogues with similar institutes in many countries and it is expanding. It just one more ‘directions' amongst many other, which r basically ensuring ‘whom to blame when something goes wrong'!!!!

You cannot compare the statistics of general people with the Army personnel. Take a look at our list of articles from our archives. one .. Had the leaders been in regular communication with the troops, they could have scotched the rumour and prevented the events from taking an ugly turn.Through regular interaction, vigilant commanders can learn

Kathmandu University confers honorary degree on President... the pressure being exerted is finally on them and also if a senior officer gives a job to a less senior officer then it finally comes to the really young officers Adopting this approach would entail making changes that may take formation commanders and staff out of their comfort zones. Is that because there is only one officer available in a company against the authorised strength of four or is it because the officer is now busy building his career with

srinivas 15 Oct 2012 at 3:44 pm I guess the Chief may be looking at the mirror of yester-years where he was one amongst the 27 in the unit and one In either case he would tend to seek redressal at higher levels, and may sometimes feel tempted or compelled to taking matters into his own hands. Centre for United Nations Peacekeeping (CUNPK) CUNPK organises workshops, seminars and training capsules for officers of the Indian Armed Forces and the friendly foreign countries, selected for deployment in UN Peacekeeping A realistic, truthful survey of how young officers from units from a cross section of locations spend their time over the period of a month would clearly identify many activities that

The more important reasons are Immature COs of 14- 15yrs of service but only 5-7 yrs of regtl service ; large number of non military duties in peace stations which are They are wanting to grow but are getting aggrieved by there useless employment in activities which neither benefit them nor the growth of the organisation. The frequency of chartered flights transporting soldiers from remote locations has been increased; more than 100 flights were arranged from Jammu alone last year. I joined the 69 Armoured Regiment and later transferred to raise 84 Armoured Regiment.

The study apparently has been asked to look at increasing the availability of officers at units through clubbing of courses or condensing of training capsules. There is an argument that cellphones lead to higher levels of stress. make job more lucrative but tough. They are being kept unnecessarily busy to project high level of work ethos.

The vulnerability at the field is so much that any normal person can break down. We have already trained officers for the system. People paying tribute to legendary singer Bhupen Hazarika on his 5th death anniversary.... Mine after mine exploded, killing men in numbers (over 500) that were shockingly high.

They fought a war in sub-zero temperatures in lofty Himalayas without proper winter clothing in 1962 without a word of protest. In our day to day routine itself, the major thrust is on keeping the higher echlons happy, contended and well assured. Resultantly, a company which should have 4-5 officers is being manned by a single officer. A commanding officer now feels vulnerable to even silly little errors by bubbling young officers.

The competition of ranks is far higher in the armed forces than anywhere else in the country. If it is aggression it becomes fratricide; if it is depression it becomes suicide. As Spring began in Hyeres, France, On twenty-first March of Sixty One, The Cobras...

But it is not responsible, whatever its levels of misuse, for the acts of indiscipline in Nyoma.

Now, officers can take annual leave in three parts instead of two. Over the year the journal has attained the "most quoted" status by defense and security analysts worldwide. The second point raised in the report was about the Army being a house "divided between sahibs and men." Sahib is an honorific bestowed on those who have attained certain ranks, Swami and Mr.

Register yourself for USI Corres Courses for making best use of Interactive Course for Part B -2017 / Part D –Oct 16 / DSSC -2017/ Part D - Oct 17. I don't believe in this argument and we have never suggested it. On the night of May 14, a few terrorists blazed their way into the thinly-guarded camp, and sprayed bullets at 38 wives, mothers and children of soldiers. Till a year ago, the suicide rate was more than 100 a year.

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