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for Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)). If the value of each of these bits is known to the receiver (has a specific value with certainty) ahead of transmission, it is clear that no information is transmitted. History of information theory Shannon, C.E. The capacity of the BEC is 1 - p bits per channel use. Applications to other fields[edit] Intelligence uses and secrecy applications[edit] Information theoretic concepts apply to cryptography and cryptanalysis.

The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Shannon himself defined an important concept now called the unicity distance. Information theory is also used in information retrieval, intelligence gathering, gambling, statistics, and even in musical composition. Bennett, Ming Li, and Bin Ma (2003) Chain Letters and Evolutionary Histories, Scientific American 288:6, 76-81 ^ David R.

Leff and A. New York: Dover 1994. Hardware Printed circuit board Peripheral Integrated circuit Very-large-scale integration Energy consumption Electronic design automation Computer systems organization Computer architecture Embedded system Real-time computing Dependability Networks Network architecture Network protocol Network components In such cases, the positive conditional mutual information between the plaintext and ciphertext (conditioned on the key) can ensure proper transmission, while the unconditional mutual information between the plaintext and ciphertext

ISBN0-252-72548-4. ISBN 963-05-7440-3 MacKay, David J. Landauer,, "Information is Physical" Proc. Information Theory and Network Coding Springer 2008, 2002.

The choice of logarithmic base in the following formulae determines the unit of information entropy that is used. IT-22, pp. 592–593,1976.CrossRef About this Chapter Title Zero-error codes for correlated information sources Book Title Crytography and Coding Book Subtitle 6th IMA International Conference Cirencester, UK, December 17–19, 1997 Proceedings Pages Much of the mathematics behind information theory with events of different probabilities were developed for the field of thermodynamics by Ludwig Boltzmann and J. MP3s and JPEGs), and channel coding (e.g.

A third class of information theory codes are cryptographic algorithms (both codes and ciphers). The MIT press. Entropy of an information source[edit] Based on the probability mass function of each source symbol to be communicated, the Shannon entropy H, in units of bits (per symbol), is given by New York: Prentice Hall, 1953.

We use cookies to improve your experience with our site. Other units include the nat, which is based on the natural logarithm, and the hartley, which is based on the common logarithm. Notes and other formats. Hartley, "Transmission of Information", Bell System Technical Journal, July 1928 Andrey Kolmogorov (1968), "Three approaches to the quantitative definition of information" in International Journal of Computer Mathematics.

Information Theory and Reliable Communication. In the latter case, it took many years to find the methods Shannon's work proved were possible. Yeung, RW. For this latter case, block codes using the zero-error information between the sources have been proposed by Witsenhausen [3].

Conditional entropy (equivocation)[edit] The conditional entropy or conditional uncertainty of X given random variable Y (also called the equivocation of X about Y) is the average conditional entropy over Y:[9] H Subscribe Enter Search Term First Name / Given Name Family Name / Last Name / Surname Publication Title Volume Issue Start Page Search Basic Search Author Search Publication Search Advanced Search Please try the request again.

Schneider, Michael Dean (1998) Organization of the ABCR gene: analysis of promoter and splice junction sequences, Gene 215:1, 111-122 ^ Burnham, K.

R. In this paper variable-length zero-error codes are proposed that are generally more efficient than Witsenhausen codes. ISBN 978-0-375-42372-7 A. LCCN49-11922.

S. ISBN 0-486-68210-2 Shannon, Claude; Weaver, Warren (1949). EE Dept., College of Engineerin, King Saud University, P.O. Other quantities[edit] Other important information theoretic quantities include Rényi entropy (a generalization of entropy), differential entropy (a generalization of quantities of information to continuous distributions), and the conditional mutual information.

Chapter 1 of book "Information Theory: A Tutorial Introduction", University of Sheffield, England, 2014. Ralph Hartley's 1928 paper, Transmission of Information, uses the word information as a measurable quantity, reflecting the receiver's ability to distinguish one sequence of symbols from any other, thus quantifying information Yeung, RW. Privacy policy About Wikipedia Disclaimers Contact Wikipedia Developers Cookie statement Mobile view ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL:

These can be obtained via extractors, if done carefully. ISBN 0-470-03445-9. Coding theory is one of the most important and direct applications of information theory. However, these theorems only hold in the situation where one transmitting user wishes to communicate to one receiving user.

Important sub-fields of information theory include source coding, channel coding, algorithmic complexity theory, algorithmic information theory, information-theoretic security, and measures of information. Your cache administrator is webmaster. ISBN0-486-68210-2. ^ Robert B. Please try the request again.

All such sources are stochastic. In Shannon's revolutionary and groundbreaking paper, the work for which had been substantially completed at Bell Labs by the end of 1944, Shannon for the first time introduced the qualitative and New York: Dover 1990. Your cache administrator is webmaster.

It is important in communication where it can be used to maximize the amount of information shared between sent and received signals. D. (2014), "Information Theory Primer" Srinivasa, S., "A Review on Multivariate Mutual Information" IEEE Information Theory Society and ITSoc review articles v t e Subfields of and scientists involved in cybernetics ISBN978-0262681087. ^ cf. For memoryless sources, this is merely the entropy of each symbol, while, in the case of a stationary stochastic process, it is r = lim n → ∞ H ( X

Error-correcting codes (channel coding): While data compression removes as much redundancy as possible, an error correcting code adds just the right kind of redundancy (i.e., error correction) needed to transmit the Wolf, “Noiseless Coding of Correlated Information Sources”, IEEE Trans. Theory[edit] Coding theory Detection theory Estimation theory Fisher information Information algebra Information asymmetry Information field theory Information geometry Information theory and measure theory Kolmogorov complexity Logic of information Network coding Philosophy